Stefan Vladu

Service and training SCM Group Machineries

Small things about me :

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Engineer SCM Group

Profesional SCM Service


Tele-Service Scm Group

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cnc service engineer

I install and fix woodworking machineries made by Scm Group Italy.

I know verry well CNC and Saw Beam machneries.


Tech, Record, Pratix, Accord, Morbidelli, Sigma, Gabbiani


maestro 3d

Training for workers:

I can offer training for using CNC machines and Saw Beam machines made by Scm Group Italy. 


I know verry well Softwares : 


 Xilog Plus, Xilog Maestro, Maestro 3D, Proview Maestro, Alpha Cam, WinCut, Cutty, Ottimo Perfect Cut

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Affordable CNC Scm Service